Ford and Associates LLC is now Ford IT Solutions!

The name and the logo are not the only changes.  Significant growth in revenue in 2016 has facilitated an increase in staff as well.  What was a 2 technician crew, now boasts 2 full time techs, a part-time tech, a full time Office Manager and a full time Director of sales and marketing.

What is intriguing is that Benjamin Beals, Director of Operations, has been able to accomplish this growth by only changing personnel, policy, and vendor relationships. “When I started, I noticed some elements that needed to be put into place in order to be more efficient and profitable.”

Benjamin says. “We also wanted to have a strong support staff in place before targeting new business.  Now that our back office is set, we will be concentrating heavily on outside sales this next year so we are expecting even stronger growth in 2017.”

Ford IT Solutions services include:
Remote Monitoring and Management
Cloud and on site backup and disaster recovery
Office 365

Meet the Team
President-Systems Architect: John Ford
Director of Operations: Benjamin Beals
Director of Sales & Marketing: Bob Beals
Executive Assistant: Marie Clark

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